Whitstable Community College

Whitstable Community College

Background and rationale
A “dual use” facility, the college was upgraded as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme. Part of the upgrade involved bringing the original building and the sports centre ‘under one roof’ with a building that linked the two.

The remodelling project freed up an area which the operating trust ‘Active Life’ agreed, in conjunction with the School, City and County Council, would be appropriate to use as a gym. As well as being available for the school, access would also be extended to the local community in the evenings and at weekends.

Active Life had undertaken other projects with Createability and was confident in their ability to deliver a quality product.

Design and Partnership
This approach is fundamental to the whole process from design onwards. Over the years Createability has developed working relationships with companies whose expertise they apply as appropriate for specific needs. At Whitstable College the partners included Zynk design – who specialise in developing contemporary interiors. Zynk’s proposals based on CREATABILITY’s original design enhanced the cosmetic appearance of the gym area through lighting, ceiling and wall finishes. Another partner in the development was Life Fitness, who supplied and installed an Express workout circuit.

Construction phase
As the area was not in use, Createability had unrestricted access, which enabled the job to be completed more efficiently. The basic shell, of what had previously been an old plant room, had block work walls, concrete floors and no ceiling.

Neil West, Active Life’s Chief Executive says, “We understand there were some problems with an old overflow pipe, but quite honestly, this was meaningless to us and it wasn’t even brought to our attention until after it had been dealt with. It serves to reinforce why we can be comfortable with Createability. This is their area of operation and expertise, not ours.”


“Createability has done a great job, what was a derelict building now looks stylish but is also very functional. The circuit format is good for both the school and community users, more people can be accommodated for with complete ease.”