Wentworth Leisure Centre

Wentworth Leisure Centre

Client requirements and background
North Country Leisure, a charitable leisure management organisation, operates 10 leisure centres in the North of England. The Wentworth site has a pool, fitness gym and sports hall, all of which are well used. However the large indoor bowling area had suffered a steep decline in usage and was only operational during the winter months. It represented 25 per cent of the footprint of the building and only 2 per cent of the income.

John Maude, Chief Executive explains “We are mindful that publicly subsidised sites need to be viable without losing sight of their purpose – that is to provide activities for the whole community. We wanted a better use for this space that would increase participation by appealing to a wider audience of all ages and abilities. Having considered various options, including gymnastics and indoor football, we found that ten pin bowling ticked most boxes. It is something most people can get involved in. Activities with broader appeal are appropriate for the Wentworth Centre, which is situated in a highly visible location at the centre of a market town, in a rural area. The nearest sizeable towns are over 20 miles away so the site attracts people from a large catchment area.”

Design development
North Country Leisure needed to be sure that the facility would be easy to operate and the complex process of installing the lanes could be undertaken satisfactorily. A visit to a similar site that Createability had developed gave confidence that these two factors would not be an issue. To make the bowling more accessible for disabled users Createability suggested the incorporation of ramps for wheelchair users and rails to help the partially sighted.

Createability produced a design for the area, which included activities that would appeal to the wider/family market and at the same time complement the eight bowling lanes. It was agreed that the children’s play area should be expanded and the catering facilities be reconfigured. Createability’s use of space meant their design was able to incorporate the addition of a seating area, making the visitors’ experience more comfortable.

Project funding, management and delivery
North Country Leisure wanted a company with experience of delivering similar leisure developments to deal with all the things that were not their core business – selecting and managing the various tradespeople and suppliers involved, building regulations and so on. Createability brought all this together using their programming and development expertise to comply with time, budget and quality controls.

Project funding was organised and managed through Alliance Leisure Ltd, the two companies have successfully undertaken a number of development projects together.


“The result is something that we should all be proud of, it looks superb. We have successfully provided activities in a modern, stylish environment that fulfil our objective of attracting people of all ages and abilities all year round – in particular the family market for which there was little provision locally and generating a significantly increased revenue.”

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  • Client: Wentworth Leisure Centre
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