Kiss Gyms

Kiss Gyms in Milton Keynes was the first in the chain of budget gyms. Because of its low price point, this market sector is dependent on volume so a thorough business plan including an analysis of the local market, potential uptake and financial forecasting was the essential first step in proving the case for a cost effective development.

After investigating a number of companies the owners chose to work with Createability for several reasons. They believed the company could, and would, deliver a quality product based on their industry specific experience.

The Kiss Gyms team wanted a development partner they could use for future sites.

Design development
The design was developed so that space could be added/increased in phases along with the build-up of business. Initially 70% of the facility, which included changing rooms, was available for use. A mezzanine floor was built over the changing rooms. This could be extended, with minimal operational disruption, at a later date to create a larger floor area to house more activities such as a spinning studio.

Construction phase
Createability structured a schedule which set out a timeframe for the various elements of the construction. The client agreed this was practical and realistic and would enable completion to meet their requirements. The client wanted members ‘in place’ to start working out when they opened fully in January, traditionally the busiest month of the year. Createability understood the opportunity cost of not being able to pre-sell the site. Work was sequenced so that an area would be completed in time to enable the presale in December.


“Createability’s attention to detail on the development has provided a product that is a cut above the usual expectation of budget clubs. Our theory and differentiation from other budget brands lies in the sum of many small things, and over delivering on people’s expectations. We see all this as part of a retention strategy, as we lack the obvious magnets of swimming pools and saunas. For example we’ve made the showers spectacularly good. The idea is to focus on the detail that most people notice.”

“We’re really pleased with how well the opening has gone and have had lots of great feedback. Getting the site open on time and within budget was all about Createability’s experience in this field. A very professional, very capable bunch, who we’d unhesitatingly use again.”
Rupert Mackenzie-Hill, CEO

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  • Client: Kiss Gyms - Milton Keynes
  • Contract Value: £549,248