Huntingdonshire Leisure Centre

Huntingdonshire Leisure Centre

Huntingdon Leisure Centre needed to improve revenue and usage levels, the current gym was at capacity, and the facility was in need of a quality upgrade in line with current market expectations. Some redundant space had been identified along with a need to expand the activity mix to meet local demand.

Proving the case for development
A feasibility study was undertaken by an independent consultancy, which identified a latent demand for fitness. It recommended ‘a cohesive approach that brings gym, studio, health suite, catering and quality changing together’.

“The proposal to extend the gym over the sports hall may provide more accommodation than is actually required (for fitness) – however this should be explored at the design development stage.”

Design Development
Bevis Moynan, Centre Manager says, “Createability worked with us to explore the possibilities this extra space could include. Getting advice from a practical building and cost perspective was extremely useful and the visuals provided helped us to see how the options would look. Now the work is finished it has become obvious just how accurate these were.”

“We wanted to attract more youngsters, from toddlers to teens, and a local facility for children had recently closed which contributed to the decision to add a second floor to the sports hall.”

The construction phase
To minimise loss of revenue, the work was phased so the majority of areas remained open during the 32-week building works phase – apart from a two week closure of the sports hall.

As recommended by the feasibility a ‘cohesive approach’ was taken to the new fitness offer. On the ground floor a larger gym was created, dedicated fitness changing areas built and heat treatment and therapy areas added. A soft play area, play structure and a multi-purpose area/studio with dance mats and a sports wall were incorporated into the new space.

Due to the lack of available information on the original building, risks to the project were identified and appropriate budgets set aside to cover these elements. They included technical problems with piled foundation and drainage. Createability managed to overcome all issues within the original budgets allocated.


“The whole project has been a huge success, we are set to increase revenue and our customers love it.’ ‘The fitness suite is top notch, the best in the area by far’. ‘The kids activities were much needed’ … have been typical comments.

Our new fitness area has put us on a level playing field with local private sector providers but at a more affordable price. The gym is really popular and the new changing rooms and heat treatment areas give a real quality feel.

But it is the response to the new children’s activities that has really surprised us. It was, in part, a result of Createability’s experience and understanding of the market that we incorporated these.”

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  • Client: Huntingdon Leisure Centre
  • Contract Value: £1.35m