Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse, on Canary Wharf in London, is one of the largest corporate fitness sites in the country with around 4,500 members. Its 200-station gym, dance studios, 25m pool and spa are open to employees of all companies on the Wharf. A change in the operating company prompted an upgrade to the fitness and the spa treatment rooms.

Createability was chosen to undertake the refurbishment because they were able to comply, not only with delivering the work but also with the unusual requirements of how, or rather when, this could be undertaken. Because of the sensitive nature of the bank’s business the building work could only be carried out ‘out of hours’ – between 9.30pm and 6am. To minimise downtime the fitness area was closed on a Friday night and reopened 10 days later on a Tuesday after a Bank Holiday.

Because of the restrictions on working time and the higher than usual security with regard to access for contracted staff and deliveries, it was important that the contractor and specialist suppliers were able to work together effectively.

The project was undertaken in two phases; firstly the fitness area followed by an upgrade to the spa treatment rooms.

Construction phase
Phase One involved three primary suppliers – all of whom Createability had worked with on other projects so good working relationships had already been established.

The fitness area was cleared and rather than retaining the existing large unbroken space, a zoned approach was taken and dividing dwarf walls built to create smaller specific areas – core stability zone, rowing etc.

A substantial amount of electrical work was required. This incorporated the distribution of leads to the integrated screens on cardiovascular equipment, all the fitness entertainment for Sky channels etc and the necessary wiring for the Fitlinxx system. After the equipment had been installed and this element of the upgrading completed, the area was redecorated.

The second phase was the spa treatment rooms. These were on poolside and their ‘open plan’ nature was not conducive to creating a relaxing atmosphere. To achieve this, they were sectioned off with a glass wall to create a more private space and the rooms upgraded to bring the quality of this area in line with the rest of the site.

The Results
The improvements have enabled the site to retain its justifiable position as one of the UK’s leading corporate facilities in its Capital location. In visual terms the overall aesthetic appearance creates a vibrant atmosphere. From a practical perspective, the gym layout offers improved access to different types of training and the upgraded IT provides state of the art interactive options for members to use during their workouts.

Making the treatment area more self-contained has created an environment more suitable for the nature of this element of the business also enabling a wider range of services to be offered. These two factors have resulted in an increased level of bookings.

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  • Client: Credit Suisse, London
  • Contract Value: £100,000