Churchill School

Churchill School

Churchill Community School in North Somerset is a dual use leisure centre, managed by leisure trust and social enterprise Tone, which invested more than £100,000 towards the work. Further funding was provided by North Somerset Council for the £900,000 refurbishment and redevelopment of underutilised areas.

Design Development
In order to provide new facilities to the school and local community, they were redesigned and configured to create a 35-station gym, two studios and a dry changing area.

To provide separate entrances for the school and local community use, the reception area was remodelled and a lift was installed to comply with the DDA regulations. The Council also installed a £300,000 all-weather pitch as part of its investment in the facility.

“We had to look at how the current building could be made more energy efficient before permission to build could even be granted. . . .”

Environmental Issues
The project was made more complicated by recent changes to environmental building regulations, says lan Cotgrave, Managing Director of Createability. “Due to a shared school and leisure centre power source, the overall permitted supply to the site was insufficient and we had to look at how the current building could be made more energy efficient, before permission to build could even be granted.”

More than £25,000 was spent to upgrade the existing lighting systems to LED, so that the energy saved could be used to supply the development. The alternative would have been a full mains upgrade that would have delayed the project by three to six months and tripled the costs to more than £75,000.

The works were completed on time and within budget and show what can be achieved when councils, leisure trusts and private sector companies come together in true partnership.

The facilities created have transformed the centre. It is a true community facility and will provide a much needed uplift to sports and leisure in this rural area.

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  • Client: Churchill Sports Centre
  • Contract Value: £525,000