Leisure Construction Design Focus

For this Leisure Construction Design Focus we are highlighting a leisure construction project brief which required a stylish update to the exiting facilities:

Our brief: “To create a modern feeling gymnasium that fits the requirements of the client in a functional and usable space – redesigning a more user friendly changing area that is stylish and durable with branded colours throughout.”

To meet the client requirements we have opened up the central area of the gymnasium creating a free functional training zone which becomes the ‘hub’ of the user. Carefully incorporating the branded colours and having strategic placement of lighting to insure the user feels motivated and inspired to be in the area. We have taken away barriers by opening up other parts of the gymnasium and have used matting layouts and colours to create different training zones – again leaving the user to roam freely between different training environments and not feel enclosed. Leisure Construction Ladies Changing

The changing areas were a challenge in as much of making the space user friendly and modern. The design construction and specifications on the finishes are high quality and durable allowing the investment into this project to show for years to come.