We work with schools, academies and colleges to help them make the most of their facilities, from upgrading sports centres to developing new gyms. Our developments not only create inviting and inspirational facilities for students, but in many cases, also help schools and colleges to secure additional revenue streams by opening their facilities up to the local community.

We can advise you on increasing the efficiency of your facilities by upgrading your assets or investing in new ones. And we can discuss ways of providing 21st century facilities at no extra cost to you or the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Having worked in the industry for more than 20 years, we are confident in our ability to:

  • advise schools on the various ways in which they could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their sports facilities
  • help to make their facilities work better for students by introducing simple upgrades to existing areas or investing in new ones
  • illustrate the ways in which we could provide facilities for schools with no capital outlay


“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Createability to other schools. They are a straight-talking, honest organisation and were great to work with. Createability’s managing director, Ian Cotgrave, was very professional; he visited the site personally and supervised this part of the project. There were a few last minute special requirements towards the end of our project, but Createability was so accommodating. I am incredibly proud of what has been achieved.”
Tony Bloxham, Principle, Preston School: A Business and Enterprise Academy

“Createability provided an innovative solution which met our business needs and have proven to be both flexible and supportive to changes throughout the scheme. The project was delivered on time and on budget in a positive spirit of partnership.”
Joel Chapman, Commercial Director, Tone Leisure Ltd